Building an App for prayer times in Morocco

Created: February 07, 2023 16:00 PM

Last year, I was frustrated with all the ads that I had to endure when going to websites just for the simple task of finding prayer times in my city. It felt like everywhere I clicked, there was an advertisement, I mean, I just wanted to know the prayer times, and instead, I was bombarded by ads.

I decided to build something simple to do just that: select a city and get the prayer times for it in that day, nothing more nothing less.



I wanted to build an API to calculate the prayer times precisely, but it was too complex and would take a lot of time. Therefore, I found an existing API called Prayer Times API.

This API is straightforward and easy, with a range of features such as calendars, Hijri dates, various calculation methods, and more.

The App

I wanted to build the app quickly, so I used technologies I'm already familiar with, such as React, Tailwind.

I deployed the project on Vercel because it's simple to quickly build and deploy. All I have to do is push the code to GitHub and Vercel takes care of the rest. Plus, it's free!

The app had to be simple, fast, and support dark mode. Fortunately, Tailwind made this part easy.

I completed the app in less than a day. I then shared it with my friends to get feedback and make improvements.


The app is now open source, so you can contribute to its improvement, you can create a pull request to add more cities for example.